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Things All CalWORKs Applicants/Participants Need to Know: 1. Time Limits : Cash aid is limited to 60 months total in a lifetime for most adults 2. Welfare-to-Work Requirements : Adults must accept any legal job, unless otherwise exempted Recipients must participate in an initial 4-week period of job search Following job search, single parents will be required to work or participate in work activities a minimum of 32 hours per week In two-parent families, one or both parents must work a combined total of 35 hours per week 3. Importance of finding and keeping a job : Cash aid to participants who do not meet their work participation requirements are reduced by the adult's portion of the cash grant 4. Supportive Services for persons to overcome employment barriers : Domestic Violence services including counseling, medical and public health
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Unformatted text preview: information, parenting skills training, financial planning and relocation activities Substance Abuse services including evaluation and treatment Mental Health services (depression, anxiety, etc.) including assessment, case management, treatment and rehabilitation 5. Other support services for persons employed or in WTW activities : Help finding child care services Money to pay for child care while working or in WTW activities Money for transportation costs to and from employment or WTW activities 6. The benefits of working : More spending money Economic self-sufficiency and independence from welfare 7. Once off cash assistance, participants may still be eligible to services Child care services for 2 years Continuing Medi-Cal coverage...
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