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Alternate ways to say “You feel…” From your point of view… It seems to you… In your experience… From where you stand… As you see it… You think… You believe… What I hear you saying… It sounds as though… I’m picking up from you that… Where you’re coming from… You figure… Do you mean… Phrases that are useful when you are having some difficulty perceiving clearly, or it seems that the person you are helping might not be receptive to your communication… Could it be that… I wonder if… I’m not sure I’m with you, but…
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Unformatted text preview: What I think Im hearing from you is Is it possible that From where I stand, you What I think I hear you saying is You appear to be feeling It appears to you I sense that maybe you feel Is there any chance that you Maybe you feel Is it co nceivable that Do you feel a little Im not sure Im with you; do you mean It seems that you As I hear it, you Let me see if I understand, you Let me see if Im with you, you I get the impression that I guess that youre...
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