The Role of a Counselor

The Role of a Counselor - The Role of a Counselor The...

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Unformatted text preview: The Role of a Counselor The rapport of the client and counselor is an important factor in counseling. The counselor must, 1. be likable and exhibit interpersonal skills, 2. be flexible and able to meet individual needs by providing person-specific attention, 3. be available for multiple sessions, 4. have something very applied and concrete to offer, 5. exhibit a caring attitude. A counselor must attempt to facilitate a client to solve their own problems yet demonstrate a genuine concern and compassion for the clients dilemmas The counselor must individualize interaction depending on clients personality type. For example, does the client seem more introverted or extroverted, does the client seem to talk more logically or emotionally, does the client seem more cautious or compulsive? Initially the counselor can listen and at appropriate times reflect by restating or rephrasing what the client had expressed. This serves two purpose. First it allows the client to feel he is being heard. And secondly, it allows expressed....
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