Why stay in an abusive relationship

Why stay in an abusive relationship - No place to go No...

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About DV - Why Stay in an Abusive Relationship? So why doesn’t the abused partner just leave? It is not as easy as it may seem. There are many reasons why the partner stays: Fear ("What will happen to me if I leave?") Denial ("Oh, it’s not that bad. It was just a little shove") Love ("I still love him") Lack of resources/knowledge (doesn’t know where to turn for help or support) Children ("I don’t want to take my children away from their father") Language/cultural barriers No financial independence
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Unformatted text preview: No place to go No support network Gratitude ("He cares for me enough not to kill me") Hope ("Maybe he’ll change") Illegal immigrant/afraid to lose "green card" Unaware that domestic violence is a criminal offense Typically, the abused partner will attempt to leave the batterer about 7 times before he or she finally leaves for good. The most dangerous time for an abused partner is when he or she leaves the batterer, which is why a safety plan is a critical step in leaving....
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