Remarks by Gayle Nicolson

Remarks by Gayle Nicolson - SATURDAY, AUGUST 2, 2008 Judge...

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S A T U R D A Y , A U G U S T 2 , 2 0 0 8 Judge who handed me a protection order. ...... Guessing this is why she hands them out like candy to any father in her court room! Remarks by Gayle Nicolson From Alameda, California: I feel that it is a tribute to my daughter and grandson to be here today to tell their story because this past Sunday, May 21, marked the third anniversary of their death. My daughter Nicole and three-year-old grandson Warren were stabbed to death in their own home. The murderer was not a stranger , but John Hoffman, my grandson's father. The effect this act of violence has had on our family can not be put into words, and the wounds we have been left with can not be seen, but they are there, and they will never go away. Our grief is made even worse because of the guilt. The reason for the guilt is that we were with Nicole and Warren almost every day, but did not know of the violence that they were suffering at the hands of John. But there was one person who did know, and that person was Dawn Girard, a family law judge. We knew that she did not want a relationship with John and that she had been trying to move on with her life without him, but it was particularly hard for her because she wanted her son to have his father in his life. This wasn't good enough for John, he wanted her and his son. He was constantly harassing her and generally intruding on her life. We suggested that she get a restraining order and set up a place where John could
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Remarks by Gayle Nicolson - SATURDAY, AUGUST 2, 2008 Judge...

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