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Children & Domestic Violence

Children & Domestic Violence - CHILDREN DOMESTIC...

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CHILDREN & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE "Families under stress produce children under stress. If a spouse is being abused and there are children in the home, the children are affected by the abuse. Moreover, spouse abuse is a form of child abuse. Hurting someone the child loves also hurts the child. " From Abused No More: Recovery for Women in Abusive or Co-dependent Relationships, R. Ackerman & S. Pickering In recent years, many studies have been done and much has been written about the impact of domestic violence on children. What we are learning is that domestic violence begins affecting children at all stages of development, even before birth. Domestic violence causes more birth defects than accidents and illnesses combined. In one study, 30% of battered women were battered during pregnancy (Illinois Coalition on Domestic Violence). Babies in violent households often experience symptoms of emotional distress, sleep disturbances and separation anxiety, sometimes leading to aggression as toddlers. All children who live in homes where domestic abuse is occurring are affected by this experience. Each child will be affected differently based on the following factors: Their understanding of the experience (influenced by their age). How they have learned to survive and cope with the stress created by domestic abuse. The availability of support through friends, relatives and adults in their life.
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