Children in Violent Homes

Children in Violent Homes - CHILDREN IN VIOLENT HOMES...

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CHILDREN IN VIOLENT HOMES Children are often the unintended victims of battering. Children in violent homes face dual-threats: the threat of witnessing traumatic events and the threat of physical assault. Children of abused women may: Be injured during an incident of parental violence Be traumatized by fear for their abused parent and their own helplessness in protecting her Blame themselves for not preventing the violence or for causing it Be abused or neglected themselves CHILD ABUSE IN VIOLENT HOMES The risk of child abuse is significantly higher when partner assault is also reported. In one review of 200 substantiated child abuse reports in Massachusetts, 48% mentioned adult domestic violence. Another survey of more than 6,000 American families found that 50% of men who frequently assaulted their wives also frequently abused their children. Parents who are abused are more likely to harm their children, as well. Data from a 1995 Gallup Poll of family violence suggest that from 1.5 million to 3.3 million children witness
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