Effects of Domestic Violence on Children as Related by Their

Effects of Domestic Violence on Children as Related by...

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Effects of Domestic Violence on Children as Related by Their Mothers The following stories are told by mothers whose children witnessed domestic violence. ANNETTE The kids were carrying a terrible secret. If they talked, they would lose their dad, and they would be responsible for "breaking up" the family. If they didn't talk, they felt like they were taking part in my abuse. The kids were torn to pieces by the time we left him. And even that didn't end it. Every time he had visitation, he'd grill them about me and he was always trying to make them choose between him and me. He'd coach them on things he wanted them to say to me and then they'd have to decide, "Should I say it or not?" He tried to turn them into weapons in his war on me. JOCELYN One morning after my husband left for work, my sons were in their room and as I cleaned the kitchen, I realized that they were role-playing one of our fights. My youngest called his brother a "rotten cunt" and I wanted to die. Over the years, the imitation continued. The older one
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