What do I tell the Children about the Violence

What do I tell the Children about the Violence - POSITIVE...

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WHAT DO I TELL THE CHILDREN ABOUT THE VIOLENCE? “What is happening is not your fault.” “People are not for hitting.” “I love you.” “Hitting is one way of being mean. Hurting someone’s feelings with name calling, threats, or by ignoring them is mean, too.” “When adults hit each other, it is not okay, and they need help to stop.” “I love daddy (or mommy), but I won’t let him/her keep hurting me or scaring you.” “I don’t want you to feel it is okay to hit when you are angry or feeling badly.” “I feel afraid when I get hit and I don’t always want to be afraid.” “Kids, grownups, and animals need kindness and respect.” “In order to get help to stop the hitting, we need the police, our family, councelors, our friends, and th ecourt. Sometimes this means hat the person who hits has to go away.” Source: Battered Women’s Alternatives
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Unformatted text preview: POSITIVE PHRASEOLOGY FOR OUR CHILDREN How we incorporate our words in sentences is one of the main ingredients in fulfilling or unfulfilling relationships with our children. The following are phrases which foster positive parenting. “I feel deeply about this issue.” “Your point of view is something that I want to hear.” “Let’s both have a little time to think abou thtis problem.” “I respect your reasons.” “Educate me about what you know about this.” “May I share how I feel with you?” “Tell me what you would do if you were in my shoes.” “Can you help me understand why this is important to you?” “I’m listening to your words.” “Our relationship is something I care about.” “I want to respect your feelings.” “How do you feel right now?”...
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