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Housing Inventory Summary - 193 units ± AB 2034 Berkeley...

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Alameda County Behavioral Health Services Mental Health Services Act - Community Services and Supports Plan May 9, 2005 – Housing and Homelessness Committee Created by Katharine Gale What housing resources do we have now BHCS identified housing : ± Licensed Board and Care beds: 650 ± Dedicated Shelter: 50 beds ± Crisis: 10 beds ± Transitional: 75 beds ± Supportive Housing (BHCS dedicated): 25 ± “20%” shallow rent subsidies: 30 Other housing resources for homeless/disabled: ± Shelter Plus Care: o Alameda County: 432 units o City of Berkeley:
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Unformatted text preview: 193 units ± AB 2034 Berkeley: 100 slots in program – variety of housing ± Shelter Beds: 1,153 ± Transitional housing: 1,525 ± Other supportive or subsidized special needs housing: 1,300 uniots *Includes HHISN services at Oakland/Berkeley sites (esp. hotels): services for 350 (Health, Housing and Integrated Services) Unknown: ± Numbers of Boarding Houses (i.e. Unlicensed Board and Care) ± Other small housing sites/many faith-based programs, etc. ± Numbers of units renting at affordable rates without subsidies...
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