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SAVE Services - 24-hour Crisis Hotline 510-794-6055...

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24-hour Crisis Hotline 510-794-6055 Community Office 39155 Liberty Street Suite C310 Fremont, CA 94538 Phone : 510-574-2250 Fax: 510-574-2252 Email: [email protected] www.save-dv.org Community Services Individual counseling & support groups Temporary restraining order clinics Community and medical outreach COPS Program Advocates in local police departments Crisis intervention counseling and case management Shelter Services Emergency housing, food, and clothing Children’s program Housing, employment, and case management WINGS Transitional Housing Hayward, California 510-732-9761 Case management Housing, employment, and legal assistance Life skills education Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments (SAVE) is a nonprofit, community based organization founded in 1976 to address the issue of domestic violence in our community. SAVE’s mission is to promote alternatives to family violence through support services, advocacy, and education. SAVE uses a comprehensive approach, offering prevention and intervention from crisis to resolution as we strive to end the devastating cycle of violence. SAVE programs include:
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