SAVE's Shelter Program

SAVE's Shelter Program - Safe Alternatives to Violent...

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1 Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments SAVE’s Shelter Program The purpose of SAVE’s shelter is to provide safe refuge for battered women and their children who have fled abusive and dangerous homes and have nowhere else to live. SAVE’s shelter program is designed not only to provide emergency housing in the immediate crisis, but also the support services and counseling to assist clients in taking steps toward developing violence-free and self-sufficient lives. Shelter clients are required to actively work towards the goals they set for themselves upon entry into the shelter; these goals may include seeking employment or entering job training; seeking stable housing; overcoming the emotional devastation of domestic violence; working on effective parenting with their children who have also been victims of domestic violence. The intent of the program is to aid victims during the crisis, but also to assist them in moving beyond this period so that they will have options other than returning to the cycle of domestic violence. The maximum shelter stay is ninety (90) days; the program encourages clients to stay the full 90 days so that they may benefit from the extensive support services the shelter offers. All shelter stays are contingent upon compliance with the House Rules and Program Expectations, and SAVE reserves the right to terminate clients from the program if they do not comply (clients’ program compliance is reviewed on a weekly bases). Rules include, but are not limited to, such things as confidentiality, no substance use/abuse, curfew times, and no violence. Program requirements include mandatory group
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SAVE's Shelter Program - Safe Alternatives to Violent...

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