A Guide for Checking Your Boundaries within Relationships

A Guide for Checking Your Boundaries within Relationships -...

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A Guide for Checking Your Boundaries Within Relationships Without good relationship boundaries: With good relationship boundaries: Feel afraid - anticipate crisis - always expect the worst to happen Feel secure - grounded - able to cope Have difficulty saying "no" Are able to set limits and say "no" Change your behavior, plans or opinions to pacify partner - withhold your truth Remain true to self and attempt mutually satisfying compromise that respects the needs of both Make exceptions and excuses for partner's behavior - even when appropriate Is flexible and accountable and expect others to be flexible and accountable also Are unclear about your choices, preferences and opinions - wonder if you are right often Feel clear and decisive and act to get what you want and need Make others responsible for your good and bad feelings about yourself Take responsibility for your own feelings and responses Use guilt, fear, shame, intimidation or interrogation in attempting to change partner Speak with "I" messages and attempt to
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