The Causes of Burnout

The Causes of Burnout - THE CAUSES If you get certifiably...

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THE CAUSES If you get certifiably on the road to burnout, I m sure you ll want to know how you there. There are many causes of burnout so I am only going to discuss the ones that most apply to you as a SAVE volunteer. 1. The incurable client- SAVE has many success stories, but as is common in any helping profession, SAVE volunteers sometimes find themselves presented with a client who either can t or wont resolve the problems with battering in their relationship(s). The ties which bind people to these relationships are very strong and it may take many attempts before he/ she is able to pull him/herself out. Because we all want our clients to be able to live free of violence, volunteers who pour considerable time and energy into helping a person stand on his/her own, only to watch him/her return to her batterer begin to feel a high level of frustration. 2. Lack of recognitions- Volunteers receive no money for their efforts, so it is important for recognition to come in other ways. SAVE works hard to show each
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