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Personalized Safety Plan - Personalized Safety Plan This...

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Personalized Safety Plan This information was generalized from a plan found at Metro Nashville Police Department . Below is a seven step safety plan. Please take the time to print this and fill it out with a friend, family member or a woman in need. Even if you feel you will never need this information. .. Step 1. Safety during violence. I can use the following options: a. If I decide to leave, I will________________________________________________ See Your Safety Plan . b. I can keep a bag ready and put it______________________ so I can leave quickly. c. I can tell________________________________about the violence and have them call the police when violence erupts. d. I can teach my children to use the telephone to call the police and the fire department. e. I will use this word code________________________________for my children, friends, or family to call for help. f. If I have to leave my home, I will go_________________________________________.(Be prepared even if you think you will never have to leave.) g. I can teach these strategies to my children. h. When an argument erupts, I will move to a safer room such as___________________________________________________________. See Your Safety Plan . i. I will use my instincts, intuition, and judgement. I will protect myself and my children until we are out of danger. Step 2. Safety when getting ready to leave. I can use the following strategies: a. I will leave money and an extra set of keys with___________________________________________. b. I will keep important documents and keys at_______________________________________________________.
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c. I will open a savings account by this date___________________________________ to increase my independence. d. Other things I can do to increase my independence are:_______________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ e. The domestic violence hotline is _____________________. f.
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Personalized Safety Plan - Personalized Safety Plan This...

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