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TechWriting Resume Letter

TechWriting Resume Letter - previous job experiences taught...

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17502 Chatham Way Dr. Houston, TX 78705 September 7 th , 2010 Bob Dudley Recruiting Manager BP (British Petroleum) 501 Westlake Park Boulevard Houston, TX 77079 Dear Mr. Dudley: I recently learned that BP is looking for skilled petroleum engineers specifically for deep-sea drilling. This position interests me not only because BP is one of the top oil-producing companies in the world, but also because I believe my leadership qualities and technical skills can make me highly successful in the corporate world. I have mastered courses that have taught me the nature of mechanisms of fluid flow, the chemical properties of a reservoir, as well as enhanced my technical communication skills. In addition to that, my regular visit to the SPE and AADE meetings have given me an insight of the oil industry and the various modern technologies that are being used by the oil companies. My
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Unformatted text preview: previous job experiences taught me to work under pressure and to communicate with customers in a fast paced environment. I have always been a team player and have shown great work ethic and leadership capabilities in my previous jobs and positions. Evaluating my qualifications, I believe I will be a perfect candidate for this position. I believe that your company, with its talented team of engineers and scientists, as well as new commitment to environmental safety, can continue to lead the world in oil production, and I will be honored to be an integral part of this company. I have attached my resume for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call me at: (713) 933-5751 or email me at: [email protected] Sincerely, Muhammed Hamza Ahmed...
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