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Order No: 71146315 Organizational Theory Introduction Organizational theory can be defined as the study of the whole organization, the various strategies which are used by the organization, how these organizations adapt and the various structures that guide this organization towards its success. Most of the organizations are seen as complex, goal oriented and dynamic and hence the need to understand this organizational structures and the various strategies which are used by this organization different from the other organizations which lead to its success. It is the study of these organizations which lead to the benefit of identifying the various common themes for the purpose of solving so many organizational problems, maximizing the organizational efficiency, increasing its productivity and lastly meeting the needs of its stakeholders. It is the role of the company to follow the organizational theory to ensure that most of its goals have been achieved. It is under the organizational structure whereby the organization can differentiate itself from the other companies by use of the different Various organizational structures Many organizations have so many structures which are so much different from the other organizations. It is these structures which make these organizations indifferent from the others. Organizational structures occur in many forms some of which include the horizontal structure and vertical structure, formation, mechanisms of the organizational coordination and its centralization of its power. Many classical theorists argue that many organizations vary considerably on their structural attributes. This is used to explain what makes some of the organizations to be more effective than others, more perfect as when compared with the other organizations despite these organizations having the same 1
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Order No: 71146315 Organizational Theory structures. There is no any best way whereby these organizations can best organize themselves but what is important is how this organization can fit between the environmental factors, technology, the size of this organization and its organizational Vertical structure whereby Under the vertical differentiation, you find that a market has several goods and these goods that are present can be ordered according to their objective quality say from the highest good to the lowest good. With vertical differentiation, we can say that one good is better than the other hence making that particular organization to be more effective than the others. The preference or the need of the different tests of these consumers will actually play a big role on the purchasing decision of that particular good. For example, the potential consumers can be biased on that particular good say they can be pleased on that particular product because of the advertising methods which were used by that particular organization. (Clegg, Hardy, &
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order_no_ - Order No: 71146315 Organizational Theory...

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