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1 Introduction Majority of the triumphant activities of Pepsi rely tremendously on excellent interpersonal interaction and relationship among the individuals and the entire company. Bounded with a unified objective, the control of developments at Pepsi must be always coordinated with the individuals that will benefit or workers that will immediately feel the impacts. Discussing the objective of development at Pepsi must be always important. Interaction is the highly recommended way that the managers at Pepsi must use. Obtaining the trust of the employees at Pepsi and managing a smooth professional relationship must always be emphasized, because it is always a critical factor to an excellent flow of company functions. But all these will be put to naught if topics and dilemmas brought about by improper governance and added with the misunderstandings between managers and workers of Pepsi will emerge along the way. Situational Analysis Pepsi aspires for manageable development as a wide market leader in the soft drinks industry as well as for dominance in major markets. In both situations, the Pepsi products will have to do critical roles. Pepsi has the capability to establish its dominance in markets normally through acquisition of other powerful companies and their services, which are then integrated into a new, bigger organization. Giving training to its workers, enhancing the organizational functions, and the development of fresh innovations then establishes the positions of the different Pepsi products. This logically leads in economies of scale that empowers the company to form a supply network for both the local and global products. If a market is being managed by other companies, Pepsi dedicates its priorities regarding the establishment of a premium sector with its different products.
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2 The goal of Pepsi is to sustain the profitability of the company in a manageable way, while at the same time consistently enhancing the organization’s operations. The tactics to attain this includes four aspects: 1. Working hard in order to attain a dominant level in powerful markets 2. Emphasizing on getting a great share of the market sectors. 3. Striving in order to enhance the organization’s efficacy and limit unnecessary expenses in their activities. 4.
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PEPSI_MARKETING_4 - 1 Introduction Majority of the...

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