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Business Strategy 1 Company Overview South Korea’s Samsung Group of Companies is the country’s largest conglomerate in terms of revenue. Samsung leads a plethora of industries in the world. The firm is composed of a myriad of business all amalgamated under the Samsung label. The Samsung group is comprised of Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industries, and Samsung Engineering & Construction. Each division of the Samsung Group of Companies leads its industry by a vast market share. Arguably, Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest electronics company. Samsung Heavy Industries and Samsung Engineering and Construction are both major international shipbuilder and construction companies. The triad of Samsung embodies the very origin of the firm’s name “Samsung”, which is Korean for “three stars”. In 2005, Samsung overwhelmed its fiercest industry rival Japan’s Sony as the world’s leading consumer electronics brand; Making the Samsung brand is the most recognizable Korean brand in the planet. Samsung has been a consistent fixture in the top twenty global brands. The firm leads a bevy of industries such as entertainment, financial, retail, and chemical industries. Samsung is currently at the leadership of Lee Soo-bin. Soo-bin is CEO for Samsung Life Insurance as well. The Samsung Group of Companies boasts of its 25% of employees, which are PhD holders. With this in mind, the firm is considered as the most prestigious business organization in South Korea. Other than its famed triad of companies, Samsung owns a South Korean private university known as Sungkyunkwan University. Due to its vast holdings and acquisitions, the government has become wary of splitting some of the firm’s acquisitions such as the Hansol Group, CJ Corporation, and the Shinsegae Group. Eventually, former employees of Samsung will soon found other major firms in the South Korean market namely
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Business Strategy 2 Naver and Iriver. Naver was established as South Korea’s premier search engine by former Samsung employees. On the other hand, Iriver is South Korea’s best MP3 player manufacturer. Samsung manufactures essential electronics supplies as well. A
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BusinessStrategy - Business Strategy 1 Company Overview...

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