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Unformatted text preview: 72165719 Marketing management 5 Pages, 8 Sources, Harvard Style Ans 1: The Micro Environmental Factors which will after their marketing plan are related to the following: 1. The supplier Environment There should be a win - win relationship between the buyer and the supplier. Industrial disputes, availability of raw materials, increase in the prices of raw materials could be a problem in case of BJ. Thus the marketing department should look into the changes that are happening and also monitor them in the Management information system for a steady control. 2. The Distributive Environment The various channels which comprise of the distributors, retailers, agents should work in tandem with the other as their co- ordination will fetch higher gains and independence for the company resulting in profits. Since changes take place slowly as seen in the case too, understanding the significance of change is becoming a complex task. 3. The Customer Environment BJ Company should understand their consumers needs and segment and target the market. Its also seen that women as customers are showing positive inclination towards the purchase of this bike. 4. The Competitive Environment BJ has various competitors which should be tackled to show the differentiating aspect of every player in the industry. Various other outlets having motorbike business, the training schools which are already existing, the firms having clothing and other accessories space in their chains, car servicing facility available at the outlets also play as competitors (Kotler, 2005 & Lancaster, 2008). The Macro Environmental Factors 1. Political and Legal Factors Irrespective of the kind of business, political and legal factors does affect the business in various ways. In BJ, the pressure that would mount on four wheeler segments in terms of being on the road or expensive parking, bike segment is at an advantage. Making everyplace green and free of environmental pollution hazard also should be legalized. 2. Economic Environment Higher cost involved in the purchase of a car, high tax payment schemes, fuel prices increasing tremendously and the parking facilities affect the economic conditions and also provide the firm BJ an upgrade in the business of motorbikes. The money spent on the investments in the purchasing decision of newer products affect the choice and preferences the consumers make. 3. Social and cultural Environment Society today because of congestion and parking problems, find the motorbikes to be the most convenient mode to carry on the road. Changing shifts in the personality, lifestyle and attitudes of the consumers make the women riders increase their chances of using it a fashion or sometimes as a basic need....
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Marketing_Assignment1 - 72165719 Marketing management 5...

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