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NUMBERMATCHING.COM BUSINESS STRATEGY Page 2 is the No 1 resource for classic and vintage cars. Advertising is an impersonal selling and communication method which makes use of various types of media to reach the target public in short time. Advertising aims at gaining exposure, creating awareness, changing attitudes of target customers in favor of sponsors product and services and also at effecting sales and improving corporate image. Media Selection for No. 1 match Media planning includes decisions relating to which media should be used and when and how often should advertisements be placed in the selected media. The basic purpose of media planning is to optimize the communication reach to the relevant audience within the available budget. Effective and efficient adverting rests on decisions based on collecting data from appropriate internal and external sources. a) Press (including all types of newspapers and magazines): wider circulation, limited life, good for mass communication and reminder message. b)
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NumberMatching.com_Business_Strategy - NUMBERMATCHING.COM...

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