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Business Report - Business Report. The problem of...

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Business Report. The problem of digitization of information during the recent years can led to many consequences, some of which are very positive, while others are negative. The fact that with the help of Internet individuals are able to look for music files, articles, computer programs, books online is very favorable for general public due to their easy access to many items which they would have trouble to find otherwise. However, it creates a problem for the authors of the created work because it deprives the copyright owners of the financial reward which they would be getting for the production. An important issue nowadays appears creating a mechanism through which both the demands of the public and the copyright owners will be satisfied at the maximum. In order to achieve this goal in the music industry, a company named Pressplay appeared in the market. Its success was in many ways defined by the policy the company started providing: instead of just selling subscription for the same music products which users of internet could get otherwise for free, the company decided to offer a wide variety of additional benefits which could attract the internet users to get a subscription. The main ways in which Pressplay can
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Business Report - Business Report. The problem of...

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