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Computer Information System Brief - Computer Information...

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Computer Information System Brief The currently technology standing of Kudler Fine Foods is lacking greatly. The current limited abilities cause a set-back to the potential that the Kudler Company is capable of reaching. Minimal shoppers are reachable, report preparation is time-consuming, and inventory control is not at its best. After identifying some of the downfalls of the current information system maintained by the company, suggestions will be offered that will help increase productivity as well as customer satisfaction. Current System Kudler Fine Foods appears currently to be a partially manual company. Many tasks that are performed as a manual transaction or entry could be handled through system automation with the right computer hardware and software. Various possible set backs exist because of the lack of an automated system. Manual record keeping can be costly due to the time it takes to manually document and reproduce company data. The need to constantly reproduce data records for different reporting purposes takes time and manpower. Another down-fall of the current manual system in place is the risk of human error. Common errors include calculation mistakes and the transposing of figures. Upgrade Options A few options exist for converting from a manual to a computer based. The lower end of computer automation would be the use of a general purpose software application package. One example would be Microsoft Office which is similar to the current package in place. This package includes word processing, spreadsheet, database management presentation graphics, and personal information management. The high end would be application specific programming. These programs are designed for the specific purposes such as business accounting, transaction processing, customer relationship
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Computer Information System Brief - Computer Information...

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