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HRI 265 FOM Interview Welcome Office Manager The W hotel in Washington DC is located on the intersection of 15 th street and F street north west Washington DC, G.M. Edd Bayten. The building that the W operates in is a historic building known as Hotel Washington. As you enter the hotel from either entrance from F Street the main entrance or the 15 th street entrance you end up in the lobby which W hotel calls the Living Room. In the living room you’ll find fancy leather couches and a full bar; during the day it’s a normal lobby but in the afternoon specifically after 5pm the “Living Room” turns into a lounge. They turn the music up and cocktail waitresses are wandering around and the bar is fully operated. In the middle of the Living room right across the entrance is the front desk. The front desk can hold three clerks at once. Right behind the front desk is the Front Office Managers office. The W hotel has their own concept and terminology for a lot of common positions in a hotel. One of those is the Front Office Manager. The W hotel calls their Front Office Manager, Welcome Office Manager and they don’t use the food and beverage terminology. They say beverage and food since they believe in socializing and meeting new people. For that reason at the W you’ll find a lot of lounges and bars around the hotel and few restaurants usually one. Reinier Bunnik is the W Welcome Office Manager from the Netherlands. Reinier started his hospitality career as a dish washer at a hotel in Amsterdam. Growing up he had a passion for hotels and he loved checking out hotels lobbies. According to him, that is where he did most of his studying during college. Reinier holds two B.S. degrees one in Hospitality management from the University of Hague “Netherlands” and the other is marketing from university of Barcelona. He also holds a masters in hospitality from University of Phoenix. Reinier always believed in no limits when attempting to reach his career goals and he wanted the world to be his work place, and where better
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FOM Interview - HRI 265 FOM Interview Welcome Office...

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