Marketing Ch8 part2

Marketing Ch8 part2 - need. In undifferentiated marketing,...

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Single-segment concentration – firm enjoys operating economics through specializing its production, distribution, and promotion. Risks- market segment can turn sour or a competitor may include the segment. A super segment is a set of segments sharing some exploitable similarity. Selective specialization – firm selects a number of segments, each objectively attractive and appropriate. Product specialization – firm makes a certain product that it sells to several different market segments. Risk – product may be supplanted by new technology. Market specialization – firm concentrates on serving many needs of a particular customer group. Full market coverage – firm attempts to serve all customer groups with all the products they may
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Unformatted text preview: need. In undifferentiated marketing, the firm ignores segment differences and goes after the whole market with one offer. In differentiated marketing, firm operates in several markets and designs different products for each. Segment-by-segment invasion plans A company would be wise to enter one segment at a time. Mega marketing is the strategic coordination of economic, psychological, political, and public relations skills, to gain the cooperation of a number of parties in order to enter or operate in a given market. Marketers must target segments carefully to avoid consumer backlash....
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