COM 1101 Study Sheet for Exam One Fall 2009

COM 1101 Study Sheet for Exam One Fall 2009 - Part III –...

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COM 1101 Dr. JoAnn Parla Palumbo Study Sheet for Exam One There are 5 parts on the exam – each part is worth 20 points – total = 100 points Part I – Vocabulary – Matching For Parts 1 & 2, study the Vocabulary Part II – Vocabulary – Fill in the blank Sheets given by email and in class. (You are given a word list)
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Unformatted text preview: Part III – Essay Content – T/F Essays by Ortiz Cofer, Hymowitz, Sykes, and Johnson Part IV – Grammar – M/C Bedford Handbook exercises & Chapter 2 Longman – Thesis/Topic sentences Part V – Grammar - T/F Bedford Handbook exercises – is the sentence correct/best?...
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