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EXERCISE 9-1.1 - due week of September 7 2009

EXERCISE 9-1.1 - due week of September 7 2009 - 1...

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COM 1101 Bedford Handbook Part III – Clear Sentences Dr. J. Parla Palumbo Group: Date: Members Present: EXERCISE 9–1 Parallelism Edit the following sentences to correct faulty parallelism. Example: Rowena began her work day by pouring a cup of coffee and checking checked her e-mail. a. Police dogs are used for finding lost children, tracking criminals, and the detection of bombs and illegal drugs. b. Hannah told her rock climbing partner that she bought a new harness and of her desire to climb Otter Cliffs. c. It is more difficult to sustain an exercise program than starting one. d. During basic training, I was not only told what to do but also what to think. e. Jan wanted to drive to the wine country or at least Sausalito.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Activities on Wednesday afternoons include fishing trips, dance lessons, and computers. 2. Arriving at Lake Powell in a thunderstorm, the campers found it safer to remain in their cars than setting up their tents. 3. The streets were not only too steep but also were too narrow for anything other than pedestrian traffic. 4. More digital artists in the show are from the South Shore than the North Shore. 5. To load her toolbox, Anika the Clown gathered hats of different sizes, put in two tubes of face paint, arranged a bundle of extra-long straws, added a bag of colored balloons, and a battery-powered hair dryer....
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