EXERCISE 11.1 Week 9 21 09

EXERCISE 11.1 Week 9 21 09 - bread. d. Recurring bouts of...

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COM 1101 Bedford Handbook Part III – Clear Sentences Dr. J. Parla Palumbo Group: Date: Members Present: EXERCISE 11–1 Mixed constructions Edit the following sentences to untangle mixed constructions. Example: Keeping By keeping your wrists relaxed while rowing will help you avoid injury. a. Using surgical gloves is a precaution now worn by dentists to prevent contact with patients’ blood and saliva. b. A physician, the career my brother is pursuing, requires at least ten years of challenging work. c. The reason the pharaohs had bad teeth was because tiny particles of sand found their way into Egyptian
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Unformatted text preview: bread. d. Recurring bouts of flu among team members set a record for number of games forfeited. e. In this box contains the key to your future. 1. Early diagnosis of prostate cancer is often curable. 2. Depending on our method of travel and our destination determines how many suitcases we are allowed to pack. 3. Dyslexia is where people have a learning disorder that impairs reading ability. 4. Even though Ellen had heard French spoken all her life, yet she could not speak it. 5. In understanding artificial intelligence code is a critical skill for computer game designers....
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