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COM 1101 Bedford Handbook Grammar Dr. J. Parla Palumbo Part IV – Word Choice Name: Date: Class 9___ 1___ Team: EXERCISE 16–1 Wordy sentences Edit the following sentences for wordiness. Example: even though The Wilsons moved into the house in spite of the fact that the back door was only ten yards from the train tracks. a. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who set a high standard for future leaders to meet. b. Aanika has been deeply in love with cooking since she was little and could first peek over the edge of a big kitchen tabletop. c. In my opinion, Bloom’s race for the governorship is a futile exercise. d. It is pretty important in being a successful graphic designer to have technical knowledge and at one and the same moment an eye for color and balance.
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Unformatted text preview: e. Your task will be the deliverance of correspondence to all employees in the company. 1. Seeing the barrels, the driver immediately slammed on his brakes. 2. A really well-stocked bookshelf should have classical literature on it as well as important modern works of the current day. 3. Chinas enormously huge work population has an effect on the global world of high-tech manufacturing of things. 4. A typical autocross course consists of at least two straightaways, and the rest of the course is made up of numerous slaloms and several sharp turns. 5. At breakfast time, Mehrdad always started his day with cantaloupe, lemon yogurt, and black coffee. Exercise...
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