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EXERCISE 18.1 Answers - 3. hurry (verb) rush, accelerate,...

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COM 1101 Bedford Handbook Grammar Dr. J. Parla Palumbo Part IV – Word Choice Name: Date: Class 9___ 1___ Team: EXERCISE 18–1 Exact words Use a dictionary and a thesaurus to find at least four synonyms for each of the following words. Be prepared to explain any slight differences in meaning. 1. decay (verb)) decompose, disintegrate, break up, corrode, rot, putrify, fester, molden 2. difficult (adjective) hard, tough, rigorous, formidable, arduous, tricky, demanding, complex
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Unformatted text preview: 3. hurry (verb) rush, accelerate, bustle, speed up, scamper, scramble, quicken, hasten, dash, dart 4. pleasure (noun) enjoyment, contentment, euphoria, gratification, satisfaction, relish, gusto, fun, entertainment, amusement. 5. secret (adjective) concealed, covert, cryptic, hidden, arcane, clandestine, undercover, furtive, stealthy, mysterious, unknown 6. talent (noun) ability, genius, skill, faculty, flair, power, forte...
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