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COM 1101 Bedford Handbook Grammar Dr. J. Parla Palumbo Part IV – Word Choice Name: Date: Class 9___ 1___ Team: EXERCISE 18–3 Misused words Edit the following sentences to correct misused words. Example: all-absorbing. The training required for a ballet dancer is  ^ all-absorbent. a. We regret this delay; thank you for your patients. b. Ada’s plan is to require education and experience to prepare herself for a position as property manager. c. Tiger Woods, the penultimate competitor, has earned millions of dollars just in endorsements. d. Many people take for granite that public libraries have up-to-date networked computer systems.
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Unformatted text preview: e. The affect of Gao Xinjian’s novels on Chinese exiles is hard to gauge. 1. Waste, misuse of government money, security and health violations, and even pilfering have become major dilemmas in some government agencies. 2. Designers of handheld devices have to understand that changes in ambience temperatures can damage the tiny circuit boards. 3. Grand Isle State Park is surrounded on three sides by water. 4. The Old World nuance of the restaurant intrigued us. 5. The person who complained to the human resources manager wishes to remain unanimous....
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