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COM 1101 Bedford Handbook Part III – Clear Sentences Dr. J. Parla Palumbo Group: Date: Members Present: EXERCISE 21–2 Subject-verb agreement Edit the following sentences to eliminate problems with subject-verb agreement. If a sentence is correct, write “correct” after it. Example: wer e Jack’s first days in the infantry ^ was grueling. a. One of the main reasons for elephant poaching are the profits received from selling the ivory tusks. b. Not until my interview with Dr. Hwang were other possibilities opened to me. c. A number of students in the seminar was aware of the importance of joining the discussion. d. Batik cloth from Bali, blue and white ceramics from Delft, and a bocce ball from Turin has made Angelie’s
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Unformatted text preview: room the talk of the dorm. e. The board of directors, ignoring the wishes of the neighborhood, has voted to allow further development. 1. Measles is a contagious childhood disease. 2. Adorning a shelf in the lab is a Vietnamese figurine, a set of Korean clay gods, and an American plastic village. 3. The presence of certain bacteria in our bodies is one of the factors that determines our overall health. 4. Sheila is the only one of the many applicants who has the ability to step into this job. 5. Neither the explorer nor his companions was ever seen again. Exercise master for The Bedford Handbook , 7th ed., by Diana Hacker (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2006)....
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