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Vocabulary - Chapman - study sheet for exam 2-1

Vocabulary - Chapman - study sheet for exam 2-1 - Extortion...

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Vocabulary: Comparison/Contrast Essays Chapman Word Part of Speech Definition Barbaric adjective without civilizing influences; uncivilized; primitive Stipulated verb expressed demand or arrangement made as a condition of agreement; specified Penological adjective having to do with the punishment of crime Malefactors noun Criminals, people who violate the law Effusive adjective unduly demonstrative; lacking reserve Brazen adjective shameless or impudent Genteel adjective belonging or suited to polite society Indeterminat e adjective not determinate; not precisely fixed in extent; indefinite; uncertain Superfluous adjective being more than is sufficient or required; excessive
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Unformatted text preview: Extortion noun crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one's office or authority Criteria noun standards of judgment or criticism; rules or principles for evaluating or testing something Ostensible adjective outwardly appearing as such; professed; pretended Recidivism noun repeated or habitual relapse, as into crime Corporal adjective of the human body; physical Blasphemy noun impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things Sanctioned Verb authorized, approved, or allowed...
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