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Unformatted text preview: Mid Term Examination, Summer, 2009 Differential Equations/Linear Algebra MTH 2201 Time: 60 min 07/07/2009 Max.Credit: 30 Answer all the questions. Make your answers precise and write legibly. Calculators are NOT allowed. Each question carries 5 points. 1. Given that y (x) = x2 is a solution of the ODE x2 y + 2xy − 6y = 0, use the method of reduction of order and find a second solution that is linearly independent from y (x). 2. Use the method of undetermined coefficients and find a particular solution of the ODE y − 6y = 3 − cos x. 3. Use the method of variation of parameters, find a particular solution of x 4y − y = xe 2 . 4. Solve the differential equation xy + y = x. 5. Show that the DE 2xydx + (x2 − 1)dy = 0 is an exact DE and find the general solution. 6. Find the general solution of the system of differential equation: dx = 3x − 18y dt dy = 2x − 9y dt 1 ...
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