Test-exam 2

0 ml 5000 ppm f into the flask 2 add 50 ml of tisab to

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Unformatted text preview: thod described in Zellmer’s paper is based on the equation (Vo Vstd )10 E2 E1 S Vo 1 CstdVstd Cunk where (Vo Vstd )10 E2 E1 S is called the “Response”. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE regarding this equation? a. The equation originated from the Nernst equation, E Eo 0.0592 log Q . n b. While using this equation, the volume of the unknown solution, Vo , the concentration of the standard solution, Cstd , the potential in the absence of the standard addition solution, E1 , and the slope determined from direct potentiometry, S , are all fixed. 12 c. During the course of the experiment, the Response varies with cell potential of the standard solution, Vstd . d. In the paper it is shown that when the Response is plotted against E2 and the added volume CstdVstd , a straight line is obtained. The slope of the line has the unit of analyte volume per unit mass. e. In the paper Cunk is determined only from the slope of the line generated by plotting Response (y-axis) versus CstdV...
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