Test-exam 2

00 ml 3012 x 10 3 m of potassium dichromate fw294185

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Unformatted text preview: he ethanol concentration is 0.080%(w/v), what is the expected volume of FEDS in mL? a. 5.21 b. 10.42 c. 13.76* d. 20.84 e. 25.61 Ans. 0.080%(w/v) ethanol is 0.080 g EtOH 1molEtOH 1000mL 0.01737 M 100mL 46.06904 g EtOH 1L The expected volume to reach the end point is mmolCr O2 mmolEtOH 2mmolCr2O72 3 27 0.50mL 0.01737 10.00mL 3.012 10 mL mL 3mmolEtOH mmolFEDS 1.061 102 mL 6mmolFEDS 1mmol 2 Cr2O7 13.76mL 11 Ion Selective Electrode 17. One parts-per-million (ppm) is equivalent to one second in a. 5.4 days b. 11.6 days* c. 33.7 days d. 31 years. e. 25 decades. Ans. 106 s 1hr 1day 11.6day 3600s 24hr 18. When the following three steps are carried out in a 100.00-mL volumetric flask, 1. Pipet 5.0 mL, 500.0 ppm F- into the flask. 2. Add ~50 mL of TISAB to the same flask. 3. Fill to the mark with deionized water. what is the ppm of the fluoride ion in the 100.00-mL flask? a. 15 b. 20 c. 25* d. 35 e. 50 Ans. 5mL 500 mg 1L 1 1000mL L 1000mL 100mL 1L 19. The “variable volume standard addition” me...
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