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A is the absorbance which is defined as a 2 log t t

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Unformatted text preview: Beer’s Law to a two – components system. b. In equation (3), k is accidentally left out. That is the correct equation (3) should be Csam kAsamCstdVstd * ( Asam std Asam )Vsam c. One of the differences between B&I and AA experiments is that the sample used in B&I is colored while the AA sample prepared is colorless. d. In B&I the two-components are present in the sample when the solution is prepared while in AA, one component is prepared in the sample and, later, a second component is added. e. The unit of k in equation (4) or (5) is ppm-1 15 24. In the reference paper by Bazzi et. al. it is mentioned that “1200-mg” of calcium is the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for 19 – 24 year age group. Based on the authors’ results, which of the following comes closest to being the percentage of the RDA when a 30-g serving of cereal is consumed? a. ~5% (i.e., ~60-mg of calcium) b. ~15% (i.e., ~180-mg of calcium)* c. ~30% (i.e., ~360-mg of calcium) d. ~55% (i.e., ~660-mg of calcium) e. ~70% (i.e., ~840-mg of calcium) Ans. See Absorption suppleme...
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