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Confidence limit student t values at various

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Unformatted text preview: 9 Table II. Critical Values for Rejection Quotient Q Qcrit (Reject if Qexp > Qcrit) Number of Observations 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 90% Confidence 0.94 0.76 0.64 0.56 0.51 0.47 0.44 0.41 96% Confidence 0.98 0.85 0.73 0.64 0.59 0.54 0.51 0.48 99% Confidence 0.99 0.93 0.82 0.74 0.68 0.63 0.60 0.57 Before doing the Q test, arrange the data in increasing (or decreasing) order. Qexp difference between questionable point and its nearest neighbor range of data (largest minus smallest) 21 Zero: First: Second: Rate k[A]0 or dA/dt k[A]0 Rate k[A] or dA/dt k[A] Rate k[A]2 or dA/dt k[A]2 where k is the rate constant. Other orders exist, but these three are the most common. Integration of the above equations (from time t 0 to time t) result in the following expressions: Zero: First: Second: where A0 A kt ln (A/A0) kt 1/A 1/A0 kt A0 concentration at t = 0 A concentration at t 22 Scratch paper 23...
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