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Problem 3 (Due October 4) In order to determine the molecular weight and polypeptide composition of the enzyme pyrophosphatase, a solution of the enzyme as well as a sample of molecular weight standards were subjected to SDS-PAGE both in the presence and absence of 2-mercaptoethanol ( β ME). The migration distance of the proteins are provided below; the tracking dye migrated 12 cm in each case. Assuming a perfect linear
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Unformatted text preview: relationship between log MW and relative mobility, what can be concluded about the structural properties of pyrophosphatase? Protein MW (kD) Migration distance (cm) Serum Albumin 69 1.6 Catalase 60 2.2 Ovalbumin 43 3.5 Carbonic Anhydrase 29 5.2 Myoglobin 17 7.4 Pyrophosphatase + ME ? 6.7 Pyrophosphatase ME ? 3.8...
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