MCOM 72 Spring greensheet 2011

MCOM 72 Spring greensheet 2011 - Course Syllabus Mass Media...

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Course Syllabus: Mass Media and Society Spring 2011 Instructors: Professor Bob Rucker / Professor Dona Nichols Instructors email: [email protected] / [email protected] Instructors phone: 408-924-3272 / 408-924-3247 Instructors Office: DBH- 218 / DBH 135 Office Hours: TBA Class website: (For greensheet download) WHY SHOULD I TAKE THIS COURSE? Media play a bigger role in our lives than we realize. They influence us on a daily basis and help shape our view of the world. The ultimate goal of this class is to improve students’ understanding of media and thus give students a greater appreciation of the role media play in our lives. WHAT IS THIS COURSE ABOUT? We will study media from a social, historical and business perspective. By examining media from three perspectives, students will develop a more sophisticated appreciation of the role media play in shaping world events, the economy and popular culture. WHAT WILL BE EXPECTED OF ME? Students are expected to demonstrate a willingness to: 1. Attend class on time and stay until the end of class. 2. Participate in class discussions. You will need to be a major participant to earn an “A.” 3. Keep up with the reading in the textbook. 4. Turn in a media journal at the end of the semester. General Education Learning Outcomes General Education is a commitment on the part of a college to provide students with a broad set of knowledge and skills that will help each student in their process of becoming a well-rounded healthy person equipped to participate wisely in the health of our community. It requires a carefully selected set of courses and activities on the part of the college and active reflection on the part of the student. This course participates in the general education process by including the following General Education Learning Outcome(s):
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Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: • Demonstrate an understanding of how American media have evolved, their operation as a business, their role in society and impact on consumers. • Analyze the new media and draw conclusions about the validity of information presented, reliability of sources and the effect on values and ethics. • Analyze different types of media including film, advertising, popular music, visual symbols and hierarchies of information design and draw conclusions on the impact of technology, the effectiveness of communication design and the effect on consumer behavior. • Identify various types of media and how they are produced. Evaluate how changes in technology affect the communication process and the exchange of information. • Assess the Internet and how it functions as a source of information, as well as issues of privacy and intellectual property as they relate to new communications media technologies. • Construct an understanding of the impact of media and visual culture on personal identity and communicate
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MCOM 72 Spring greensheet 2011 - Course Syllabus Mass Media...

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