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TA 10 Slamnation Essay Spring 2011

TA 10 Slamnation Essay Spring 2011 - way does the film...

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TA 10: SlamNation Response Essay (10 points) 1. Define the term “theatre” in one or two sentences with the knowledge you have at this moment. 2. Using the information from Chapter 1 of Theatre in Your Life, write a 500-word response essay to the film SlamNation: The Sport of Spoken Word . Compare your experience of performance from the film with your definition of theatre above and the reading. In what
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Unformatted text preview: way does the film conform to your idea of theatre, and in what ways does it deviate? Remember to use specific examples from the film to support your ideas. Follow the guidelines for written work. Turn in to D2L by 12 PM on February 10. No hard copy necessary....
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