History 128 response #1

History 128 response #1 - After reading Howell Cobbs An...

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After reading Howell Cobb’s “An Unreconstructed Southerner,” I instantly took an opposing side to the author. I personally do not agree with how Cobb feels about the way the Northerners view the Reconstruction. However, I do understand why he would be upset because everything that he is built his life around will be tarnished due to the freeing of slaves. With that said that still does not make Howell Cobb’s opinion on the freedom of slaves right. The bottom line is that whether a person is African American or white they should still be allowed the same opportunities and be held to the same standard as each other. Up until this point and for an extended period of time after the idea of equality was never really upheld. Howell Cobb had a very interesting perspective on radical Reconstruction. He felt as if the Reconstruction was done out of spite towards the southerners and that the northerners were using the Reconstruction to kick the South while they were down and totally destroy everything that the southern citizens had established. He stated in the fourth paragraph, last sentence: that the north has taken over the south’s government or “arrest” them. Lastly, he stated that the
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History 128 response #1 - After reading Howell Cobbs An...

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