History 128 response #2

History 128 response #2 - Tyrone Thorpe, Jr. 1/28/11...

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Tyrone Thorpe, Jr. 1/28/11 History 128 Hero v.s. Villain Some people knew Andrew Carnegie for his trademark Steel Company. Others knew him for his wealth and self-centeredness. Then there are some people who knew him for the things he did for the poor and how he gave back to them. With all that said, it is definitely possible for someone to argue the Andrew Carnegie was either selfish or caring when it came to the people in poverty. After reading his ideas and thoughts on the topic of poor against wealth, both sides of the argument seem to be correct depending on some of the things he said. Also, there is lots of different aspects throughout history that support both parts of the topic. When it comes to the way Andrew Carnegie viewed and cared about the poor, one could argue that he cared about the poor because he gave away money so others could better themselves. However, he also believed in the idea of “Survival of the fittest,” which contradicts him caring about the poor people. Part of the reason why Carnegie was such a good advocate for
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History 128 response #2 - Tyrone Thorpe, Jr. 1/28/11...

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