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Ahmad Halawani Reflective Journal During our years at school the teachers teach us the basic rules of grammar and writing. But it wasn’t until college that we really learned how to write in a good way. The knowledge that we get here is more advanced than that in school. It is like taking a base course here then going to the advanced one. I am a student that took ENG 102 and from there that I started learning new ways of writing. But in 203 I learned more. Also 102’s grade is not a used grade in the university it is just a pass away to 203. But in 203 the reason that you are going to have a real grade helps you in learning more. The stages that we went until now in the course help you in your writing. We started with free writing and that shows our capabilities to get ideas in a little amount of time. After that there is brainstorming that helps you put all your ideas and then you can use them in larger
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Unformatted text preview: concepts. We wrote a diagnostic essay that shows our teacher our capabilities in writing and helps her find our weaknesses so that she can help us improve. We wrote 2 responses and that is writing about another text and showing our opinions towards this article. We made a test that helps us in thinking critically before answering questions that we may get. After all this we wrote the essay that is very important in this stage of the course. We can use all the things that we learned during the course and use them in making our essay better. So this course helps us improve our writing and helps us to be confident of our writing and that we can always improve it by making drafts. In this way you can correct your mistakes and improve so that you don’t make them in other occasions. Overall it is a very helping course and we should not forget the teacher that is always with us to improve....
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