diagonoises+and+treatment - seen by a regular photo will...

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Running head: DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT 1 Diagnosis and Treatment Kasandra Hunter HCA 240
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DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT 2 Diagnosis and Treatment o Describe the medical equipment and procedures involved in diagnosing and treating the condition. o If the disease has been diagnosed, do you agree with the doctor? Why or why not? If you do not agree with the doctor, or the disease has not yet been diagnosed, offer a diagnosis and treatment plan. I have chosen to do my checkpoint on Diverticulitis. The doctors are able to diagnose Diverticulitis by performing the following types of tests, X-rays, CT scanning, ultrasound testing, a sigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy. In a patient that has severe rectal bleeding a doctor may perform a test called angiography. (2005-2010 Web MD) This type of test helps to determine what area is causing the bleeding. An X-ray of the abdominal area, which is a picture that is taken by a machine in order for the doctor to see images inside the body which cannot be
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Unformatted text preview: seen by a regular photo will also help the doctor to determine if a patient has Diverticulitis. A CT scan is similar to an X-ray but is more detailed and shows the doctor a much clearer picture of the abdomen because Diverticulitis symptoms can mimic that of colon cancer it is important for a doctor to run extra tests such as a CT scan. A ultrasound is a test that shows the area of your problem such as the abdomen through a sonogram machine in which the doctor is able to see what is happening in that area at that time. (2010,Hunter K) DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT 3 When this type of disease is diagnosed by a doctor it can be difficult to agree if it is the right diagnoses because of the fact this disease mimics colon cancer. If every possible test was done it would be much easier to agree with the doctor on his or her diagnoses. References: 2005-2010 Web MD, (2010, Hunter K) Unpublished paper, Diagnoses and treatment, HCA 240, University of Phoenix, Phoenix AZ...
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diagonoises+and+treatment - seen by a regular photo will...

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