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Unformatted text preview: History 194C Modern Japan h  f ¶ “: � � � *Mistutani Kunishiro, “A Story of the War,” Oil Painting, 1906. Time: Tuesday and Thursday 4:40-6:00 pm Place: Olson 146 Instructor: Kyu Hyun Kim Social Science 4213 (No telephone number due to the administrative policy) [email protected] (Reserved for class announcements) [email protected] Course Description : This course examines history of Japan from the birth of the modern Japanese nation around 1868 to the present day. Throughout the course we shall explore the last 140 years of Japanese experience, which encompasses deadly political upheavals, revolutionary social changes, magnificent cultural and intellectual achievements, terrible wars ripe with atrocities and sufferings of unimaginable kinds and the economic superpower status of recent years. Even though no previous exposure to Japanese history or culture is required to take this course, those who have no previous exposure to a history course and/or an Asian culture- related course are recommended to take History 9B offered this quarter instead of this course. The prospective students are warned that this course covers a large amount of reading materials and deal with difficult concepts and ideas as well as graphic depictions of cruelty, misery and death, both perpetrated and suffered by the Japanese. Lectures and Discussion : The class is composed of two lectures totaling 2 hours and a 40 minute discussion of the reading materials to be held every week. You are required to attend all lectures and to have read and digested the assigned reading materials before coming to the discussion sessions. The following type of activities are banned or strongly discouraged during class sessions: 1. Incessant carrying out of conversation among the participants or on cell phones, loudly eating food or otherwise producing bothersome noise during the lectures are forbidden. In case of a flagrant violation the instructor will stop the lecture and ask the person responsible to leave the classroom. 2. Doing the assignments for other courses, playing videogames, checking stock investment (really?) or otherwise engaging in the activities unrelated to the course is forbidden. If found out, I will ask you to stop it or leave the classroom. 3. While asking of questions is strongly encouraged, one student is not allowed to dominate the time for questioning. The instructor will also be the judge of whether a question is sufficiently relevant or “non-disruptive” to be worth devoting a portion of class time. The sufficiently relevant or “non-disruptive” to be worth devoting a portion of class time....
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This note was uploaded on 03/03/2011 for the course HIS 194C taught by Professor Kim during the Fall '10 term at UC Davis.

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_10+FALL+HIS+194C+SYLLABUS-+COMPLETE+9.20._10 - History...

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