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IFT - Institute of Food Institute of Food Technologists and...

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Unformatted text preview: Institute of Food Institute of Food Technologists and The IFT Student Product Development Competition FOS 4435/5437 1/18/11 What is IFT? What is IFT? Institute of Food Technologists The primary professional society for food scientists and technologists – – – – Academic Industry Suppliers Students www.ift.org 22,000 members Publishes some of the most important journals for the profession – Food Technology – Journal of Food Science FSHN Club FSHN Club Membership in FSHN Club gets a student automatic membership in FL Section IFT See: http://fshn.ifas.ufl.edu/club/index.htm Florida Section IFT members generally are UF or Florida industry members IFTSA IFTSA IFT Student Association $35 at the national level (dues for 12 months To apply: http://www.ift.org/pdfs/student­app.pdf Includes undergraduate and graduate students IFTSA IFTSA Also is the center of the Student Product Development Contest http://www.iftsa.org/competitions/pd/pd .php So, why are we emphasizing this? So, why are we emphasizing this? The general requirements for this competition will be the basis for our Group Project – Phase 1 The requirements outlined here are the generally accepted key components to successful product development Product Development Competition: Product Development Competition: Rules and Procedures See: http://www.iftsa.org/competitions/pd/pd­rules.pdf We will be using this general format for our group project Electronic copy of rules to be posted with this lecture ...
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  • Spring '08
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