Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Jenece Johnson Chapter 11 Bar &Beverage...

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Jenece Johnson Chapter 11 1. Why is it important to make a Martini or Manhattan in a chilled glass? a. It is important to serve a Martini or a Manhattan in a chilled glass because the drink contains no ice in it. It is important though that this drink stays chilled. 2. Why are some drinks known as “Sours”? a. A sour contains a lot of lemon juice which is why it s called a sour. When you think of lemons you think sour 3. Why is the hand shaker used when blenders and mixers can do the job? a. Using a hand shaker was shows skill and showmanship. After the prohibition hand shaking a drink was a sign of joy that alcohol was legal again, so it is a tradition to the bar business. 4. Explain the reasons for preparing a multidrink order in the sequence that this  chapter recommends. a. Making drinks in the correct sequence assures your customers that they are getting their drinks at there best. Making the drinks that keep up the longest first gives you
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Chapter 11 - Jenece Johnson Chapter 11 Bar &Beverage...

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