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TA_review_session - Fall 2010 GEO 303 Lab Mid-semester Exam...

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Fall, 2010 GEO 303 Lab Mid-semester Exam Contrary to the syllabus, the GEO 303 lab week has now been shifted back one day. The lab mid-semester exam will be held during the week beginning on Wednesday, October 13 and ending Tuesday, October 19, inclusive during your regular lab meeting time in your regular lab room (2.306). The exam will contain 100 multiple-choice machine- graded questions, consisting of two parts. Part 1, worth 40 points, is comprised of mineral, rock, and fossil samples in numbered trays. A question could be to identify, or perhaps to note some significant property of the sample. Diagnostic tools (acid, streak plate, penny, magnifying lens, magnet, etc.) will be available to you. Suppose, for example, that the sample is gypsum. You know that gypsum is so soft that you can scratch it with your fingernail, and the question could be for you to identify the mineral. The question could ask for you to recall that gypsum, a common evaporite mineral, is deposited as an isolated body of seawater dries up.
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