Race and Ethnicity Notes 2.21

Race and Ethnicity Notes 2.21 - Race and Ethnicity Notes...

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Race and Ethnicity Notes 2/21/11 Irish in the US *who comes? -anchor immigrant -chain migration *ghettos- outside the city -lean-tos -tenement buildings- 80% of babies born in tenement buildings die *family- first just men came because that’s all they could afford then more women and children came over -patriarchal- man/father is the head of the family. When they come home from work kind of emotionally removed way he shows you he loves you is by going out and working hard. Woman/mother is emotionally centered you go to her with problems and she goes to father *jobs -men- Irish sent over men because more $ and are more capable workers. The harder the job the more $$ you got for it [coal miners got a lot of $$] lots of Irish immigrant racism. Brought back to Ireland/home 90% of paycheck -women- Irish women did a lot of domestic work, so they made a lot of money because they didn’t have to spend money on housing and clothing because since they were nannies and such this was all provided for them so they brought back to Ireland/home 100% of paycheck. Irish women were also prostitutes. Brothel prostitutes made a lot more money and it was safer than streetwalker prostitutes *Anti-Irish Sentiment [LISTING QUESTION!] Reasons for it: 1. Religion [they were roman catholic]-intersession praying to saints to send message to Jesus and God but protestants/WASPS thought they were praying to different gods. WASPS/protestants also freaked out by the way they take communion [‘blood drinkers’/’baby killers’- transubstantiation [there is a holy transformation/divine moment where wine and cracker
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Race and Ethnicity Notes 2.21 - Race and Ethnicity Notes...

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